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Summer leagues' new start date is June 1st. Registration will remain open until May 20th.

 As a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak and the extended restrictions implemented by the President’s order and our Governor’s ‘Stay at Home’ law through the month of April, the decision has been made to formally extend the start date of the Summer 1 - 2020 season to now be June 1st. You may refer to the online annual calendar to see the updated season start and end dates.  Understanding that some people may be holding off on registering for the moment, we will extend the registration deadline to May 20th.  

From all of us here at your Sport & Social Club, we wish you all to be safe and healthy as we gear up to get everyone back playing again.

Your friends at the Sport & Social Club



3/25/2020 10:00am


Spring leagues canceled, affected players to get fully reimbursed with site credits.

Due to the mandatory ‘Stay at Home’ law issued by our Michigan Governor this week and for our members’ safety, we have canceled the remaining spring season.  We want to ensure that the affected members have received a full credit for the season they were unable to play.

 For members who have not yet registered for the Summer season and wish to lock in their spot, registration remains open online and affected members can use these credits towards any new registrations at the time of check out.  If there are any delays for future seasons, members will receive full value in the form of season extensions or SSC credits.

 We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times. Your participation in leagues is what makes the SSC community so wonderful.  We look forward to getting everyone back in the game as soon as it is safely possible.

 We wish you and your friends/family/teammates all the best during this challenging time.

 Stay safe, 

Your friends at the Sport & Social Club



3/13/2020, 12:00pm

The Sport & Social Club has decided to postpone the next 3 games (3 weeks) for the safety of everyone in hope to help suppress the spread of the coronavirus. We will be working with our venues to get your games rescheduled with the goal of resuming April 6th. 

The Sport & Social Club has always aimed to be the best part of your day by providing programs that are safe, fair, and fun for our community.  With that said and in light of the most recent information regarding COVID-19, we have decided to press pause on your next 3 games to help suppress the spread of this disease and to uphold our goal to keep you safe. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and base all future decisions on the recommendations of the public health organizations in our regions and will continue to provide updates by email and to this page. You can also stay informed by regularly visiting Michigan.gov/Coronavirus and CDC.gov/Coronavirus.


While the situation is constantly evolving, we are hopeful that after this brief hiatus, we will be able to return to play and have as many games made up as possible.  While the status of your remaining games is unclear, we will provide all teams with an update regarding the potential completion of your season by April 3rd, if not sooner.  

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we work through the logistics associated with this situation. We respectfully ask that you hold off on any questions regarding potential make-up games/compensation until the picture becomes more clear on April 3rd.

While this is a difficult time for everyone, we know that sunny skies and brighter days are on the horizon and we are looking forward to getting back on the court/field so that we can all keep playing the sports that we love and help make our community great.

Your Sport & Social Club



3/12/2020, 11:30pm

Per the Governor's address,  all schools in Michigan are closed as of Monday until April 6th.  We will be addressing how this will impact your leagues and will post an update in the morning.  Thank you again for all your support as we trek this uncharted territory together.



3/12/2020, 2:00pm

As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases identified has been growing worldwide and is now in Michigan, we want to assure you that your Sport & Social Club is keeping a close watch on its progress and impact.  We are taking the situation very seriously and anticipate that our approach may change as we learn additional information. We will be keeping you up to date regarding the status of SSC games and our procedures. 

We are monitoring this situation on an hour to hour basis.

We want to ensure all of our members protect themselves against this illness. The CDC has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as critical for people 60+ years of age with underlying health issues.  Although the majority of our members are healthy and well below that threshold age of 60, we want to do our part to help prevent the spread of this illness while we do our best not to infringe on your ability to continue playing with us to help keep a sense of normalcy in your life (we understand that this is fine line).

As of this moment, SSC games are going ahead as scheduled, but we ask that all players adhere to the following expectations:


Understanding that attendance may be an issue for some teams, we have made the decision to relax our forfeit policy.  AS LONG AS YOU NOTIFY US IN ADVANCE SO WE CAN NOTIFY YOUR OPPOSING TEAM, no team will be subject to a forfeit loss if they are unable to field a team.  Scores instead will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.  If you do not notify and do not attend, you will still be subject to a default loss.


What SSC is doing:

·   At every location, our staff has a bleach disinfectant solution that they are using to clean all sporting equipment before and after game use.

·   We are also staying in close contact with our venues to ensure they have proper cleaning/disinfecting procedures in place

·   We are monitoring this situation on an hour by hour basis.  We will update you by email and on this webpage with any new updates and changes. 


You can also stay informed by regularly visiting Michigan.gov/Coronavirus and CDC.gov/Coronavirus.

Again, we will continue to communicate any ongoing updates and changes, as they become available.

The Sport & Social Club exists because of the value and connections built through sport.  We do not want to lose this important part of our lives, but we want to be smart and safe as we continue to navigate this challenging and unprecedented situation together.



Your friends at the Sport & Social Club

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