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8 reasons why companies have their employees play with us
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It's a work out and you don't even know it.  
For example, by playing in our coed dodgeball league, you can expect to burn up to 360 calories in just one hour.  We’ll keep your employees active and fit, promoting healthy lifestyles and team-building synergy that will make its way back into the office.
We're a "Friend Factory".  
Our players make long-lasting friendships here.  Many say stronger friendships than they would find in high school or college.  Have your employees increase their working relationship with each other, making the workplace a place they love.  
Healthy is cheaper.   
We all know that a healthier employee uses less sick-days, less insurance, and therefore is overall less expensive to employ.   We keep them healthy both physically and mentally and they love it because it’s really fun!
We're the only ones with an after-party!  
We plan the entire thing so your employees can socialize, recap on their sport-highlight experiences, and solidify their newly-bonded relationships.  We believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health, and we actively promote peer-acceptance, relationship-building, and a safe environment for our players to just be themselves.
Your employees will LOVE you.  
Our players meet, play, and socialize with hundreds of other like-minded peers.  We are integrated into their social lives both on and off the field.  Your employees will appreciate working for a company that really cares about them, about their social life, about their wellbeing.  Studies have shown that corporate sport teams increase productivity in the workplace.  
We have variety.  
We offer a plethora of sport leagues to choose from, with a variety of competitive levels.  Our leagues are designed to be social, coed, and extremely all-inclusive.  Beyond our turn-key 7-week sport leagues, we also offer customized one-day  team-building events.   
We're local guys n' gals.  
We are a local company, powered by local people.  We organize events in local parks.  We're grass-roots.  We're organic.  We're one-of-a-kind.  
We're a One-Stop Shop.  
We are happiness, health, fun, social, team-building, cohesion, exercise, synergy, calorie-burning, and active, all wrapped up into one perfect package.

If you are looking to offer this to your employees, one easy way is to just have your employees signup directly to play with us.  Then they can submit their paid receipt to your accounting dept, getting reimbursed via payroll.  Another way is to have the captain pay for the entire team with a company credit card via our website.  Our website was designed to make it very easy for the captain to assemble and manage their team.

Feel free to reach out to us to talk more about how we can help make this super easy for your company to get your employees involved!

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